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TEDxWaterloo – Behind the scenes | Ramy Nassar

TEDxWaterloo – Behind the scenes

Well, after months and months of planning, TEDxWaterloo 2011 happened. It was hands down the biggest project I have ever taken on and I could not have done it without the amazing support of our whole team as well as my close friends and family who kept me sane. Not to mention the incredible sponsors in our community that came together to make the event a reality. Update: Full gallery of Christine’s pictures available here (and soon on our flickr page)

Above is a view that not many people got to see on Thursday. Huge thanks to Christine Reid for her photography throughout the day (done on incredibly short notice). All the photos here are her work, so please go check out more here.

More behind the scenes…

Laurie doing live performance painting of one of our speakers/performers…

Minutes before starting (no one needs to know that the MicroTiles were not working just 3 minutes before we opened the doors)… 98% excitement and 2% nervousness/stress (or maybe the opposite)

One of the absolute highlights of the day was Edwin’s talk about “Rebel Music” and in particular the Beethoven piece performed by the string quartet. After months of planning and days of work at Centre In The Square, it was incredible to see it all come together like this in the last talk of the day.

Our core planning team, feeling AMAZING at the end of the day. Shortly after we pulled the rest of the group on stage… So I thought I would use this space to summarize a list of some of the other articles, summaries and blog posts about TEDxWaterloo.

I can’t thank my team, the sponsors and our community enough for all the support needed to put this on. Wait until you hear about all the plans we have for this summer and for next year… If you are interested in helping out in the future, drop us a line with the contact form on www.tedxwaterloo.com and we will get in touch for our first planning meeting!